Anna Rovira Bags is a Barcelona based collection of bags with a focus on design, sustanaibility and women’s sensibility. The line offers timeless, non-seasonal and easy to wear bags. We are inspired by textures, colors and hues of nature, and all our pieces are cut and sewn with care and love, as a hommage to beauty and feminity. Because we live by a simple motto: love.

Anna Rovira - About Anna Rovira


From dreams to facts: from following dreams I found the inspiration and empowerment to create a fashion brand which is a reflection of me and my values

fact 1: made locally

We make all of our bags in Barcelona: we work directly with local craftsmen in order to keep the artisan tradition. So, we can control the making process in terms of quality, minimum ecological impact and working conditions. Because we believe in giving value to people, environment, creativity and profit in equal mesure.

fact 2: our collection

Our collection of bags is based on ethical product and organic style. Small productions allows us to give value on each piece and each one is unique, colorful and based on easy, functional and non-structured patterns.

fact 3: our materials

We take a responsible approach to sourcing all our materials to ensure that the highest standards are meet regarding sustainability and ecological impact.

fact 4: being responsible

We are inspired by making the world a better place by working with respect, honesty and thinking and speaking differently about fashion and by demanding better. We do this creating timeless bags (responsible consumption), producing ethically, using non toxic dyes, reducing water consumption, reducing wastage, and producing locally.

fact 5: women empowerment

Anna Rovira bags is a brand launched by a woman as a homage to all women, their attitude, spontaneity, freedom and feminity and their power and uniqueness.